Danyeli Rodriguez Del Orbe performing spoken word poetry.

2020 Define American Fellow Danyeli Rodriguez Del Orbe reads a poem at an open mic.

Storyteller Support

Artists and storytellers who happen to be immigrants face systemic barriers accessing the resources and opportunities they need to tell their stories.

We support and advocate for immigrant storytellers through community-building.

We’re building a mutual support network for immigrant storytellers and advocating for systemic change in artist support for immigrant creatives so that existing opportunities are open to all — regardless of immigration status.

Join our community of immigrant storytellers and arts organizations.

Over 5 years, our fellowship supported immigrant creatives in developing their practices and connecting with their local communities. Now, we're partnering with those immigrant creatives to build a larger, stronger community.

Research & resources

Creativity is Boundless: An Inclusive Guide

Creativity is Boundless: An Inclusive Guide

The new Inclusive Guide is a roadmap for artist support organizations and grantmaking programs to make fellowships, grants, and residency programs more accessible to all, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

A soft illustration of a woman hunched over a burden in her arms.

American Dreaming

The culmination of two years of research with 40 storytellers from the immigrant rights movement who bravely shared their stories through the Obama, Trump, and Biden eras of U.S. history, American Dreaming is a guide to better inform how we work with storytellers.