Gift Acceptance Policy

Define American solicits and accepts gifts that are consistent with its mission and that support its core programs, as well as special projects that are mission-aligned. As an organization that seeks to bridge divides and tell America’s whole story, we accept investments from donors and foundations that represent a wide spectrum of perspectives and ideologies.

In assessing a potential gift, the following points are considered:

  • Impact on Mission: Will acceptance of the gift affect Define American’s ability to carry out its mission independently and without allegiance or regard to any outside actors? Does this gift serve our impact in the most ethical and unencumbered manner possible?
  • Congruence of Values: Does the donor share Define American’s vision for an America that is just, welcoming, and inclusive of everyone? Is there any potential for the gift to showcase Define American in an unfavorable light? Is the donor motivated by something other than charitable support of Define American’s reach and impact?
  • Impact on Relationships: Will acceptance of the gift impact existing relationships with Define American funders, partners, and members?

As a matter of policy and principle, Define American will not alter our mission, practices, public advocacy, or values to appeal to or appease the interests of our contributors.