2018 Define American Chapters Summit

Black Panther is Undocumented

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Duke University

Durham, NC

Our Chapter here at Duke University is new, but we have made our name known on our campus. The Triangle area provides proximity to other big colleges, such as North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, along with proximity to other Define American Chapters around the area.

The Latino population, of mostly immigrant people, in Durham has grown over 900% in the past five years and would benefit if Duke hosted a Summit focused on empowering young immigrant college students. In light of student activism, Duke has only recently begun to consider undocumented students as domestic students, which was a huge step! Currently, we have a fairly small undocumented population on campus, but having the summit here would show these students that they have support from other DREAMers across the nation. This Summit would bring a huge amount of attention to not only our administration, but also to students that have never interacted with what “undocumented” means. As a historically predominantly white institution, Duke’s student body can be ignorant and complicit in issues dealing with marginalized communities, and this event would really show everyone that we are a force to be reckoned with. Duke itself is a beautiful campus. We have our famous Duke Chapel, built in a beautiful gothic style church at the center of West Campus. Duke’s architecture, dubbed by many as “Gothic Wonderland,” is the ideal place to host the 2018 Define American Chapters Summit. Duke is surrounded by 7,060 acres of beautiful forest. We also have our Duke Gardens, which is the largest privately owned botanical garden in the state, and also a gorgeous site during the fall. The city of Durham is very rustic and historic, with many places that are fun to visit. Some examples include American Tobacco, 21C Museum, Brightleaf Square, Duke Lemur Center, any many others.

Guilford College

Greensboro, NC

The Guilford College Define American Chapter would be honored to host the next Chapters Summit. Our small campus offers several classrooms and open spaces to make the next summit possible! We are located in Greensboro, North Carolina with downtown only a few minutes away. As a Quaker institution, students, faculty, and staff tend to be extremely welcoming and friendly. We would be incredibly honored to serve as your host and hope you consider us as the next summit location!

Rutgers University

New Brunswick, NJ

We have a huge space (400+) and possible breakout rooms, with a food court located just below. School administration would support such an event. Our faculty union is amazingly supportive, the Center for Latino Arts and culture is also amazing they I believe they’d be willing to aid the Summit financially or with oversight. We are a university rich in history where students from all backgrounds, races, religions and creeds can come together for social change. Our chapter is directly responsible for the hiring of Rutgers’ own Immigration Lawyer as well as a Student Coordinator for Undocumented Students. Students from other chapters may learn from some of our resources that they may not have. New Jersey itself has a lot to offer as well.

Sacramento State

Sacramento, CA

Our University President, Executive Staff and all campus leaders support Define American’s mission. We are also a well established and active chapter, having won the 2017 Chapter of the Year Award and are located in California where there are at least 10 current DA chapters.

Southern Illinois University

Carbondale, IL

This is our chapter’s first semester as a registered student organization, and this programming would help us increase our presence on campus and in the wider community and to recruit more local members. For a group of only seven, we’ve been able to organize a fair number of events so far and are looking forward to a full semester in Spring 2018.

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