Fight for Scholarships for All Americans


Undocumented Americans continue to be barred from applying for most types of financial assistance for college.

Join us if you believe in equality of education for all Americans regardless of status.

Together, we have the power to ensure that all students at American colleges have equal access to education.

Define American Fellow Jin Park is the first undocumented American to receive the Rhodes Scholarship. The oldest and most celebrated international fellowship award in the world changed its rules to become more equitable. Now, students with DACA are able to become Rhodes scholars. Although this is a great first step towards equitable access to higher education for all Americans, we need more scholarships and fellowships to follow in the footsteps of the Rhodes.

Any student who best fits the criteria, whether American born or American DREAMer, should qualify for a scholarship.

It is time for all national, state, and local scholarships for higher education to open their doors to all Americans, regardless of citizenship status. This includes nationally coveted post-graduate scholarships for research and education — small in number, but highly influential — as well as the much greater number of local scholarships for higher education administered by houses of worship, schools, and nonprofit organizations.