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Communities are coming together to protect undocumented students.
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Demand a plan from the administration to immediately #ReuniteEveryChild with their parents on U.S. soil.

Stand with Bambadjan Bamba

Encourage Hollywood to #DefendDACA

Abilene Christian University Petition

Protect Undocumented Students at Abilene Christian University

Southern Illinois University Carbondale Petition

Protect undocumented students at SIUC

St. Olaf College Petition

Protecting undocumented students at St. Olaf College

IUPUI Petition

Protect DACAmented Students at Indiana University–Purdue University

Presidio Graduate School Petition

Presidio Graduate School Upholds Dreamers

University of Missouri, Columbia Petition

Petition to Act - Protect Missouri DACA Recipients

Petition Success

Find out what happened to St. Mary's petition

Petition Success

Find out what happened to UNL's Petition