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The Entertainment Media Department spearheads consultations with entertainment industry executives, showrunners, and writers to help them develop more realistic immigrant characters and navigate complex immigration-related storylines with the goal of creating positive and long-lasting cultural change.

For more information, email our  entertainment media team, Kristen and Elizabeth at [email protected].

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We are the stories we tell

Watch the livestream panel discussion about the role of immigrants in Hollywood moderated by Melissa Harris-Perry, featuring Cristela Alonzo, Jose Antonio Vargas, Kashif Shaikh, April Reign, and Lorraine Ali.

Define American Film Festival

The Define American Film Festival (DAFF) is an annual cultural event that highlights films about immigration, intersectionality, and the changing American identity with the goal of initiating thought-provoking conversations in communities across the country. Through screenings, panels, and open discussions, we strive to create empathy for people of diverse cultural backgrounds, histories, and worldviews. The impact of these storytelling perspectives becomes tightly woven in the fabric of these communities–and unlike other film festivals, our incorporation of immigrant narratives through the lens of Hollywood plants seeds for a more welcoming America.

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Define American Awards

The Define American Awards honor and acknowledge contributions made by artists, journalists, activists, communities, and allies who are committed to improving the lives of immigrants living in America.  In 2016, the winners included child activist Sophie Cruz, Journalist Joy-Ann Reid, and Actress Diane Guerrero.

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Special Events

The Entertainment Media team hosts special events and panels to encourage dialogue about immigrants and immigration within the entertainment community.

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Media Scorecard

What is the state of immigrant character portrayals in film and on television?

Entertainment Media Research

Coming Soon!
The Entertainment Media Department will be announcing a long-term study examining on screen portrayals of immigrants and audience perceptions of immigrants and immigration in the U.S. To be notified of this first, sign up for our email updates here.

The Hollywood Reporter
Read what Define American CEO Jose Antonio Vargas has to say about immigrants in entertainment and why more immigration related research is needed.

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