Why do immigrants make America Great?


Our annual hashtag celebrates the resilience and joy of American immigrant families.

Take the pledge

Every day millions of young Americans pledge allegiance to our flag,
regardless of their citizenship status. Let's all take a pledge and renew our vows.

Citizenship Pledge

<p style="text-align:left">I pledge to be an active American<br /> to show up for others<br /> to govern my self<br /> to help govern my community<br /> I recommit myself to my country’s creed<br /> to cherish liberty<br /> as a responsibility<br /> <br /> I pledge to serve<br /> and to push my country:<br /> when right, to be kept right;<br /> when wrong, to be set right<br /> Wherever my ancestors and I were born,<br /> I claim America<br /> and I pledge to live like a citizen.

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The “Citizenship Oath” is part of the Sworn Again America  project, a program of Citizen University.