Define American’s statement on the Supreme Court’s reinstatement of the travel ban

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Stand with undocumented students.

To our brothers and sisters in the Islamic community here in the U.S. and those abroad who – regardless of their faith tradition – seek refuge here in the United States, we at Define American see you, and we stand with you.

The Supreme Court’s unsigned decision to reinstate the majority of the Trump administration’s Muslim ban sends the message that the highest court in the land has given in to fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of “the other.” Instead of upholding the values of religious freedom and acceptance that this country was built upon, they’ve let prejudice topple this pillar of the American identity. Every serving Supreme Court justice is a product of migration: Chief Justice Roberts claims Irish, Welsh and Czech ancestry, and both Justices Alito and Ginsburg are the children of immigrants. So we hope that each justice will use these 90 days to reflect on the constitutionality of this Muslim ban and decide if they want to leave behind a legacy of fairness or fear. Here at Define American, we sincerely urge the court to choose fairness. And we hope that the journalists will take this opportunity to reflect on how mainstream media’s coverage of attacks committed by Muslim perpetrators versus its coverage of attacks by white nationalists helped to perpetuate this widespread fear and prejudice towards Muslims.

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