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Political and cultural conversations with family can often be uncomfortable, it’s no secret that many of us have vastly different views. But just because we don’t see eye to eye, doesn’t mean we can’t have thoughtful and constructive conversation. That’s exactly what we hope the following videos can help you do.

The Road Map

To kick things off, start with a copy of the Define American’s Guide to Healthy Conversation About Immigration. This handy guide is full of tips to lead productive discussions without resorting to name-calling and hyperbole.


What is a “good immigrant”?

Our President-elect has promised to deport millions of undocumented immigrants once he takes office. But he’s quick to reassure people that this will not apply to “good immigrants.” By sharing the video below, you’re helping your friends and family to ask “what is a good immigrant?” How do we define this term or idea? Who does this concept exclude? And is it really a good idea to stand behind this type of construct?

Who are “white people”?

When we look back on 2016, there’s no doubt that we’ll remember the concept of whiteness being brought to the surface of racial and cultural discussions. The election taught us that many White Americans feel as though they’re being left behind, especially in rural America. So we ask, in an ever browning world, what does it mean to be white?

Watching the MTV special “White People” and reading Ronald Eller’s Uneven Ground are great holiday gifts to help uncover some of those answers.

Do Black Lives Matter?

Do Black lives matter? Do ALL lives matter? Kick off your discussion by hearing about it straight from the ladies who created the phrase that started a movement.

What role does faith play?

Recent political rhetoric has used Christianity and Islam as tools for division. But ads like the following from Amazon ask the question, “why can’t faith be the thing that unites us?”

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