Go home? Immigrants are saying “#ImAlreadyHome.”

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It’s no secret that immigrants, and people of Latinx heritage, are being treated differently these days. Whether enduring taunts at sporting events, waiting in line in the store, or just trying to do their job, people are telling them that they’re not welcome. But like it or not, the United States historically has been home to Spanish speaking people, who have fought in our wars, worked in our fields, taught in our classrooms, and served in our Congress.

So the folks at Huffington Post Latino voices decided to educate the best way possible: hashtag storytelling. Participants were challenged to share their own immigration story using the hashtag #ImAlreadyHome. We’ve created a list of some of the best ways that people have shown the world why they are proud to call this country home. They come from all around the world, standing together to make their point known.


Oh boy, you’re going to turn this wonderful storytelling moment into a political discussion, huh? Very well. As you could read from the above tweets, legal status and moral standing aren’t related. And to say that deportations won’t affect those who are documented, well… that’s just not true. Many families are “mixed status,” meaning that while one member of the family might be a citizen, another might be a green card holder, or undocumented. Trump’s moves to expand the definition of criminality for immigrants will certainly put more stress on these families, and increase the chances that they will be broken apart.

And then, you get to the economic effects. Moderate estimates show that mass deportations would result in net economic losses for the economy. We’re all in this together. So let’s move on, and try and use better language next time!




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