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The myth of the 'acceptable immigrant' is tearing families apart.

By accepting status in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, immigrant children had to sell out their parents.

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School Named After Jose Antonio Vargas

As America Turns Its Back On Its Proud Tradition Of Being A Nation Of Immigrants, A School is Named After an Undocumented American.

What You Can Do NOW to Stop Family Separation

As the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy continues to separate children from their parents at the border, you may be wondering what you can do to help. Here are four actions you can take right now.

What Every Journalist Needs to Know About Children Being Separated at the Border

As the media continues to cover the policy of separating parents from their children at the border, here is a helpful guide. For more information, and to access the largest set of potential immigration-related stories online please contact [email protected]  

"Prieto" by Yosimar Reyes Gets A Workshop Run

Define American presents a one-man show written by and starring Yosimar Reyes, which will be performed at Los Angeles’ Company of Angels.

Define American Announces Screening Of Film About Syrian Refugees

The Define American Film Festival (DAFF) has confirmed that it will screen the Sundance award-winning film This Is Home, featuring the lives of four Syrian families resettled in Baltimore.

Define American Consults on Grey’s Anatomy Storyline About an Undocumented Surgeon

In “Beautiful Dreamer,” Grey’s Anatomy Dives into the National Conversation on Immigration.

Define American's Statement on Poor People's Campaign on #MLK50

Following the death of Dr. King, Rev. Abernathy led a march filled with clergy, Latinx, Native American, and Black leaders to showcase the intersectionality of our collective. Today, we pledge our commitment to march again and finally work to fulfill this vision.”

New York Times Bestselling Author and Former Wrestling Champion AJ Mendez to Speak on Panel at Define American Film Festival (DAFF)

The Define American Film Festival (DAFF) has confirmed that New York Times bestselling author and former wrestling champion AJ Mendez will attend the festival in Chicago this year as a panelist.

Adding Question About Citizenship Is Contrary To Census Mission

Washington D.C. – The Commerce Secretary announced on Monday, March 26th, the inclusion of an untested question on citizenship status in his 2020 Census submission to Congress. Our Executive Director, Ryan Eller, issued the following statement: “The Census should be an opportunity for all Americans, documented and undocumented, to stand up …

Define American Brings Undocumented Art Show to Film Festival

Art Exhibit to Put Undocumented Life Outside of Political Tragedy on Display

Why Define American Chose Chicago

Define American is bringing its third annual Define American Film Festival to Chicago, because the story of Chicago is the story of America, a mass movement of families coming together to create a bustling, thriving community.

Define American Announces Partnership with Chicago Comedy Powerhouses for Comedy Night

The Define American Film Festival (DAFF) has announced that it will partner with The Harold Ramis Film School at The Second City for The Define American Comedy Night during its 2018 festival in Chicago, IL.

Define American Announces Panel On Women’s Empowerment in the wake of the #TimesUp & #MeToo Movements

The Define American Film Festival (DAFF) has confirmed that its 2018 event will include a panel dedicated to women's empowerment and where we go from here in light of the recent #TimesUp & #MeToo movements.

Define American Announces Panel On Immigrant Narratives At Film Festival

The Define American Film Festival (DAFF) is proud to announce a new panel premiering at DAFF Rewriting Narrative: The Wave Of New Immigrant Stories In Media and Why Representation Matters.

Why Songwriter Megan Keely Chose to Take a Stand as an Ally for Dreamers

I want to draw people into the conversation if they are hesitant or intimidated by the complexities of the debate.