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Why are Indigenous Guatemalans Dying at the Border?

Claudia Gómez Gónzalez, Jakelin Caal Maquin, and Felipe Gómez Alonzo. All were indigenous Guatemalans who died at the Southern border this past year. It is no coincidence that the only three migrants who died along the border during 2018’s migration crisis shared this background.

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Children are Dying in U.S. Detention Camps. End Child Detention Today.

"Sick babies are [supposed to be] crying. These kids were just … silent." — The Texas Tribune

How to be an Ally for Your Undocumented Friends & Family this Weekend


What It Means To Be A Refugee

I have no other homes to go to.

Dear Media: Retweets DO Equal Endorsements

Uncritically quoting POTUS tweets in headlines, leads, and videos is an endorsement of administration policy and tactics. Don’t do it.

Friday Definer: Muhammad Ali (Airport) Edition

Reporters and media makers telling the whole story of America.

Attend to Matters of Justice

Define American Executive Director Rev. Ryan M. Eller joins moral leaders from across the nation at White House demonstration.

Friday Definer: Tele Edition

Reporters and media makers telling the whole story of America.

Migrant Deaths, Abuses Continue to Mount

Make sure readers and viewers understand the scale of abuse and mismanagement in immigrant detention centers.

Friday Definer: Xolo Edition

Reporters and media makers telling the whole story of America.

Stop Parroting: Are Resources Really Being Strained?

When reporters repeat a Trump administration talking point, they're missing opportunities to ask important questions.

Friday Definer #2: Take a Hike Edition

Reporters and other media makers telling the whole story of America.

Don’t Turn Away: Carlos Deserved Better

Eight suggestions for digging deep and telling the full story of the recent deaths of five Guatemalan children in DHS custody.

Reporters: Stop Quoting Anti-Immigrant Hate Groups as Regular Sources

Sources matter: Don't quote anti-immigrant hate groups without providing the full context.

Welcome to the Friday Definer: Links that Define American

A Define American weekend reading list. Please share!

#ThanksFam: Family-Based Immigration Defines American

Today the government will propose drastically changing our immigration system, to make it much harder for families to stay together and prosper in the United States.