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Black Panther is Undocumented

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Why Songwriter Megan Keely Chose to Take a Stand as an Ally for Dreamers

I want to draw people into the conversation if they are hesitant or intimidated by the complexities of the debate.

Teacher asks students: How do you define American?

By simply encouraging students to devise a brief answer to what it means to be an American today, they are able to confront issues that many adults can only discuss in the most heated of discussions.

The Majority Of MS-13 Members Being Arrested By ICE Are US Citizens

The More Immigrants Live In a Community The Safer It Is

Tell Hypocrites That Family Migration is the Reason They're Here

President Trump, Stephen Miller and Tucker Carlson are all in the United States today because a member of their families decided to immigrate to the United States in search of a better life.

The Define American Film Festival Is Coming To Chicago

Define American will bring its third annual Define American Film Festival (DAFF) to Chicago, IL.

#WORDSMATTER: Why The President's S***hole Comments Matter

If the President views a country as a “s***hole,” how redeemable are the migrants who come from them?

#FACTSMATTER: What Trump really means by "S***Hole Countries"

Family preference migration has been the legal migration pattern since the founding of our country.

East Los High's Season Finale includes Define American collaboration

East Los High, the always relevant, longest running show on Hulu, ended their last episode in a Cliffhanger. The last episode of season 4 - the series finale, promises to answer many questions surrounding the collection of East Los Angeles teenagers struggling to find their identities in a changing America.

Protests in support of undocumented immigrants are part of a proud American tradition

Any argument against the free assembly ignores the fact that about 900 DACA recipients – the very people some have claimed had no right to petition the U.S. government last week – are at this moment serving to protect their freedom.

5 Tips For Talking to Your Definitely Not Racist Family on Thanksgiving

If the thought of Thanksgiving dinner conversation is already giving you the sweats – we got you.

The myth of the 'acceptable immigrant' is tearing families apart.

By accepting status in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, immigrant children had to sell out their parents.

Define American Advisory Board Member Gets New Show

Actor Ian Nelson, who has had roles in The Hunger Games and Teen Wolf, stars in a new seven-episode comedy series called There’s … Johnny!, which premieres on Nov. 16 on Hulu.

Disoriented Comedy show benefits Define American

The Disoriented Comedy team presents “Brutally Honest,” a show to benefit Define American at the Lyric Hyperion Theatre and Cafe in Silverlake.

#FACTSMATTER Journalists: Ask hard questions when reporting on the downtown New York City terrorist attack

Are we a nation of laws, which embraces diversity and our American immigrant heritage, or one that demonizes large groups of people based on the horrendous actions of a single person?

Define American's Statement on President Trump's Decision to End DACA

Make no mistake: Donald Trump is demolishing an overwhelmingly successful program supported by the majority of Americans, just to satisfy the misguided and ill-informed xenophobic bloodlust of a small minority.